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Bras robotique
Vuzix smart glasses AR M4000

About Us

Cyborg Robotics is the official distributor of Autoxing, Dobot, Temi, Vuzix and Opsec Security. EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Autoxing, Dobot and Temi (Robotics):

Industry 4.0 to improve human efficiency

-Surface analyzes (restaurants, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, etc.) Check if you are eligible for the installation of a robot.

- Programming of robots for customers.

- After-sales service, using the cloud to detect anomalies and repair problems remotely (travel if necessary).

- Configuration and development of a personalized robot for the client according to their request with chassis robots and robotic arms.

- Industry 5.0 development


Vuzix (augmented reality):

XR AR experience to discover the real and virtual world, simplify and secure professional tasks.

- Augmented reality glasses for professionals (medical field, logistics, education, telecommunications, etc.).

- Augmented reality glasses for individuals (Social networks, videos and photos, Streaming, video games, etc.).

- Development of the necessary tailor-made applications and software for customers.


Opsec Security:

- Authentication of products with digital printers.

- Brand protection

- Anti-Fraud

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